Friday, February 27, 2009

Sweet Vodka bites with spicy Jackfruit curry,...

Few days back saw in news channel that Vodka flavoured Sandesh are in huge demand at Calcutta,though i have tried different flavours of Sandesh this one called for lotz of guts,..but i didnt give up, when fine evening when i prepared fresh cottge cheese at home i thought of trying Sandesh with Vodka
ingredients needed are
fresh cottage cheese one cup approx 250gm
sugar as per taste i always reduce the quantity to suit my taste
absolute vodka citron flavour two tbsp
finely chopped walnut two tbsp
food colour any colour will do half tsp
heat non stick wok and fry cottage cheese for two to three minutes ,remove from flame and keep aside
run sugar through the blender,remove and keep aside
in a big vessel mix cottage cheese with sugar,keep kneading till it becomes soft
add food colour and vodka slowly to the cottage cheese mixture
once everything is mixed properly start giving shape to the mixture any shpe will do i couldnt think of anyother shape:-)
once done slowly place chopped walnuts on the sandesh and keep in fridge to set for 1 to two hr,..
sandesh have good shelf life and they taste good after a day or two,.:-)
Kathal better known as Jackfruit is one of my favourite vegetable and its found in abundance during winters in NORTH India,when in Singapore i used to crave a lot for this veggie specially prepared by my mom,so this time when she was here i asked her to prepare and this is how the recipe goes,..
ingredient needed
250gm Jackfruit
onion three chopped
garlic six cloves chopped'
green chilli two chopped'
salt as per taste
coriander powder two tsp
turmeric powder one tsp
red chilli one powder one tsp
garam masala powder one tbsp'
cloves half tsp
black pepper seeds half tsp
dried red chilli three'
bay leaves crushed two
oil to cook
rub chopped jackfruit with salt and turmeric and keep aside
Heat one tbsp oil in non stick wok,once the oil is hot lower the flame and stir fry chopped jackfruits,
once half done remove from flame and keep on kitchen towel
in the same oil add ont tsp of cumin seeds followed by bay leaves,dried red chilli,black pepper seeds and cloves
once they start spluttering add chopped garlic,green chilli and onions and keep frying till onions start changing colour
add all the masala powders and salt and keep stirring till oil is seen along the sides
now add already fried jackfruit and mix well
after two to three minutes add water for gravy and cover and cook ,
as jackfruit takes time to cook ,to save time it can be pressure cooked too
once done remove from flame and serve hot with chapati or rice.
Kathal sabji is off to Lakshmis space where she is celebrating AFAM and the fruit for this month is Jackfruit ,event started by Maheswari of Beyond the Usual
Walnut studded Vodka bites or Sandesh

are off to Aquadazes hub where she is on with Lets go nuts and the nuts for this month are Walnuts and Pecans .
After a long long time i got to eat this veggie ,we enjoyed with chapati and sirke wala pyaz,this version is semi dry one,for gravy just increase the quntity of water in th the last step and dont let it dry much while cooking,enjoy hot with rice,this is how our platter looked,..;-)
ceeu frens soon goin to prepare dinner,..:-)hppy weekend,...nd tk cre of urself,..:-)


lubnakarim06 said...

Wow new and different recipes. I must say fusion recipes. Awesome. Keep rocking....

Asha said...

Vodka!! WOOHOO! :))

Beautiful recipes. Love the JF curry. Slurp!!

Have a great weekend, hugs to A.

Lakshmi said...

yet another type of sandesh! are you sure that people don't get drunk after eating them ;) ahahhaa..was just kidding. Kathal ki sabji is something I need to try! but not sure of getting raw jackfruit to try but will keep an eye. Thanks to aunty for the recipe :) and to you for sending it accross to AFAM :)

Unknown said...

Vodka Sandesh..Wow..this sounds interesting..Love the JF sabji too..

Unknown said...

ahhhhaa i too have a same dought like lakshmi he he but realy new to me ha and this jf curry looks so intresting nice recipe yaar will try thisand that roti s looks so perfect yaar i can't make like you

A_and_N said...

Lovely post! Thats a complete meal WITH a great dessert! I absolutely loved the Sandesh :) I dont drink but I'm sure i'll still be able to substitute the vodka with something else and enjoy them :)

Sunshinemom said...

I am wondering how vodka sandesh would taste!! Curious now:) I love sandesh but stopped it sometime back. Kathal ki sabzi is different from the way we make it. It is mouth watering and I love that dinner plate!!

Uma said...

vodka in a recipe? Wow! looks different and yummy! Jackfruit curry looks great too!

Cham said...

Oh Gal u reallykick up the motch with vodka in Sandesh! Love it! The jackfruit curry is delicous too!

Deepthi Shankar said...

wow, Vodka & sandesh ...

Jackfruit curry looks yumm

Indian Khana said...

Wonderful Sandesh..adding vodka is mind blowing....U knw's been so long since I had Kathal ki sabji...almost the same way your mom mom's recipe too....I guess most be for most of the ppl frm our place ;)....thanks for reminding such lovely memories of kathal ;)....Have a gud weekend to cutie pie

Sharmila said...

Hats off to you Priyanka! Vodka sandesh! Love that dinner plate.:-)

Unknown said...

your sandesh recipes are always adorable..
this one with jf looks so delcious..

Anisheetu said...

m doing fine.... Sanika enjoyed a lot in India.... how's advay doing there... have started working???

suvi said...

wow this sandesh is right up my alley!! thansk for the lovely entry :)

Unknown said...

Really excellant .. new and diff recipes.. nice click..

Shama Nagarajan said...

lovely vodka...yumyum jackfruit curry

Chitra said...

lovely recipes...never tried both..looks mouthwatering:)First time here i guess...cute blog u have..Do drop into my blog at ur free time ..thanks in advance:)

Gayathri said...

Different entry i haven't heard of it earlier. Good job

Glad to welcome you for the contest

Manju said...

you are just amazing to come up with such a unique recipe!! loved the vodka bites!