Sunday, May 25, 2008

based on true incident another strip for create comic event,..

when i prepared vangi batata bhaji and vagharelo bhaat,..for dinner it was total disaster,..
curry was prepared without onion ,garlic,ginger and green chilli and my hubby didnt like the curry cause it was onionless etc
salt was less in both the dishes,..blame my short memory
rice was too plain
and the combo didnt match

had prepared these dishes for swc gujarat,have to still post the recipe,...
anyways after dinner my hubby had to eat icecream to change the taste..and obviously i was feeling really bad,..cause just like everyday i had prepared those dishes,..but they didnt come out well,,or in other words my hubby didnt liked it,..when we get praised for our cooking,,we forget easily,,,but when our cooking is not liked ,..that memory stays always,..inspired by that day,,created this strip for creare comic event,,,enjoy,..

click here for the strip

scene in office between boss and hubby

boss-these days u dont call me for lunch...your wife must be cooking real tasty food,..thats why u eat alone,..lucky guy,...

hubby (thought) - huh,..what to tell him,,that by the time i reach i dont remember recipe name,..and everyday lunch is torture forme cause of the toi events,..i wonder,..whats there for todayslunch..??

back at home

hubby asks wife-" what was the brinjal curry which u prepared today for lunch??/? "

wife happily answers-"why was it tasty?i amsure your boss must have liked it...vangi batata bhaji which i prepared for swc gujarat ,..will prepare tomorrow vagharelo bhaat ,.. "

hubby to wife-sweetheart dont u think u need holiday,..u work so hard,..u really need break,,hve booked ticket for u..u can visit ur parents and come back after few days

wife happily answers- wow,,thanks a lot,..but u dont worry will prepare enough food,..for u which will last till i come back so that u dont miss my cooking,..just like u even i care about u,..;-)

happy sunday,..enjoy,..


Medhaa said...

that was so nice,

Uma said...

OMG, it's so good!

JZ @ Tasty treats said...

hehe, you are on a roll aren't u?!!! great job!

Swati Raman Garg said...

too good !

Lakshmi said...

ahahhaaahhhaa..ya I have some memories like tat too. nice one.

vandana rajesh said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the wishes. This is a great idea indeed you have here.

Sangeeth said...

u go girl.....u r on a roll as JZ said....nice ones lol!

notyet100 said...

thanks medhaa,uma,jz,swati,lakshmi,vandana and sangeeth,..if my joe brought smile on ur faceit was worth it,..