Saturday, March 16, 2013

for my son on his Kinder Graduation day

I know there will be a time 
when you will be too old ,
to hold my hand 
and ask me 100 things .

There will be a time 
When I will yearn for 
Those moments 
When you were a kid .

So now I just want to ,
relish each second 
and spend some priceless moments 
with you my dear son .

For I know soon there 
will be a time 
when you will be 
lost in your own world,...

I love it when you ask me ,
mummy can I help you 
when I am busy cooking ,

trying in your sweet ways 
to learn new things.

Or when you suddenly ask ,
mummy what happened 
Why are you sad

or are you angry
just because my brows are up .

I still remember the first day
when we dropped you at the school
the dress which you wore

and the way you looked
with a pony and a book.
It seems as if it was yesterday
when i thought you how to write

and now when you read on your own
I feel how quickly time flies.

It's been four years 
since you started with 
your kinder education

And now when you
 graduate today
I feel as if I gonna
 miss all those fun .

when  we planned
the angry bird
and the bubble party
for your chums.

I know this time is priceless too 
Just like it was yesterday 
So I just want to hold on to the moment 
And wish the best to you today,..:-)


Home Cooked food said...

time goes so fast. they grow fast and we grow with them too.

divya said...

congrats....wonderful pics....

Unknown said...

So touching..indeed can't forget all these priceless moments..

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

thats such a sweet post! Your son will love it when he grows up!

Cham said...

Such a sweet memories- lovely Priyanka!

AJ said...

Beautifully expressed! They do grow up so fast, don't they!!

Bicas said...

I'll never forget... we were at Starbucks in Confluence Lyon, our first Wednesday, I started to read this special poem, i start to feel my heart, I start to feel goose-skin, I start to feel a lump in my throat, I start to feel tears on my face because your words together with your photos are beautiful, because they are deep, because they are true, because I also have a son, one son :)
Thanks for sharing!!