Monday, January 19, 2015

Not the traditional khichdi - Makar Sankranti

This year couldn't do preparation for Makar Sankranti which is harvest festival for Hindus. the way I do in Singapore because I couldn't get the proper ingredient for the Khichdi so prepared Khichdi with Toor dal instead of Urad dal.Paired the meal with Alloo chokha and pickle .

Sharing the pic of the traditional khichdi which is prepared this day which my sister sent

And few pics which my friend Deepa sent who is from Karnataka
The below pic has Pongal,Yellu which is mixture of til(sesame),sharkara(jaggery),dry coconut and groundout and Sakkare Acchu which is sugar candy moulds of various shapes.
the whole spread together

Wish all the readers of Asan Khana belated Happy Makar Sankranti, Khichdi,Pongal,Maghi,Uttayaran.
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Wish you all happy week ahead
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Lakshmi said...

Waaah! Muh mein paani aaya. Loved the Karnataka platter too ;)

Disha Mishra Dubey said...

That looks delicious Priyanka, I will definitely try to make it.

Anonymous said...

Oh.. thats yumm!! Looks lovely too...
Hope you have a wonderful week ahead..

Herbs Spices and Tradition said...

Khichdi is nice for Makar Sankranti. I have seen U.P. dishes on your blog.Did you live in U.P.India. I lived in Kanpur for many years but long time ago.