Tuesday, May 06, 2008


hi friends..rci gujarat is hosted by lakshmi of tasteofmysore nd cookingstation..whereas rci rajasthan is hosted by some other blogger...earlier rci started by lakshmi was just for singapore women but now entries are welcome from international bloggers too,..rci kashmir and rci punjab are already over..you can view the round up here for this month i am guest host for rci hosted by my friend ,..and the theme for this month is GUJARATI,..the details i have already posted in my round up post,..so friends i hope i have sorted the confusion ,..waiting for fabulous entries from you all...for RCI GUJARAT


Lakshmik said...


This is LakshmiK from veggie cuisine. The RCI event was originally started by me in June 2007. I am not sure why you have used the same name again. It would be highly appreciated if you could change the name of the event.

Pooja said...

I agree with LakshmiK. It sound somewhat confusing for people like us who would gladly like to be a part of such events. 2 different themes at the same time with the same event name is really little difficult to keep track of.

Siri said...

I agree.. RCI was an awesome initiative of Lakshmi. and having two events simultaneously with different themes is very confusing. A different name for ur event wud serve the purpose and resolve the confusion.


notyet100 said...

hi lakshmik ,pooja and siri,..will speak to my friend lakshmi,..i amjust guest host of this event...tnanks for posting

Siri said...

no offense towards u dear..:D I know u wud sort this out..:D