Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mango rice from Lakshmis space

finally i prepared mango rice today..and really enjoyed with fresh curd,..thanks to my friend lakshmi for the recipe...and ya i finished one more thing today...sanchits order..what a relief..but it was real fun doing that tee...

ingredients formango rice

cooked rice two cup
one teaspoon each of chana dal,urad dal,mustard seeds
curry leaves 8 to 10
green chilli chopped three
salt to taste
turmeric powder half tsp
grated raw mango one
one teaspoon oil


heat oil in wok
add urad dal,chana dal,mustard seeds and curry leaves


after few minutes add turmeric powder ,green chilli and salt..
close the burner
add cooked rice followed by grated mango


mix well
we had with curd and left over khubani chicken



Sagari said...

yummy rice

Uma said...

mango rice is my fav. looks great.

Shri said...

it is so tempting,i bet its tastes yummy.

ANJALI J. said...

nice entry. never tried this before. thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

delicious rice..

Madhavi said...

Mango rice looks yummmm!!!!

Unknown said...

nice one..nevr tried before..will try it now..

Bhawana said...

mango rice taste very good, no doubt

Neha said...

The rice looks yum,
n now i know why it takes long editing ur posts, u have step by step pic,of the recipe...but for me its tough, my fud 'll defiantely get spoiled if i stop for clicking snaps in b/n....hehe

Unknown said...

hey dear... lovely recipe i love mango rice... made it for ugadi.. havent posted it yet.... but this looks awesoe.... yumm yumm pass me some...:P

notyet100 said...

thanks sagari,uma,shri,anjali,divya,madhvi,showmya,bhavna,neha and shubha...

Lakshmi said...

ya this how I do it. I am glad you and your family liked it. I am yet to blog it on my blog, but nice to see it here.