Tuesday, May 27, 2008

vangi batata bhaji and vagharelo bhaat,..with another strip

This is the post which i really didnt want to publish,..but then thought..what is done ,.is done,..and other bloggers should know that this combo didnt rocked together...so that they don make the mistake which i made,...ya i am talking about the post of vagha relo bhat and baingan,..on which i did the cartoon strip too..the recipe goes here of vaghaa relo bhaat and of vangi batata bhaji here,.please dont prepare these two dishes together...u can prepare either of them but not together,,,






i am sending these two for swc gujarat
and now the strip for the comic event

please click here for strip

in office boss and dan,..

boss u didnt get your lunch today ?i saw you eating in the canteen,..

dan ya,..my wife has gone to her hometown for few days,..thats why,..

boss ohh okey..why dont you come home for dinner today...i know u must be missing your wifes cooking,..what say...

dan if its oky with you i dont mind coming,...d

next day dave asks dan...about the dinner

dave how was dinner at boss place yesterday,..?u must have enjoyed home made food,..

dan huh,..don ask,..just like my wife ,his wife likes to experiment with cooking,..she made burnt eggplant...which i had to eat unwillingly,..don ever accept dinner invitation fromhim...


Uma said...

how you come up with all those wonderful comic strips? those are hilarious. batata bhaji is delicious too.

Finla said...

So funny. Hi hi we all need pl for expiriment don't we

Asha said...

Hahaha! You have traumatized others too!;D

Vangi looks great.

Sangeeth said...

lol! very funny :)

Lakshmi said...

Your rock..with those comics. Enjoy reading them here. Good one.

Sagari said...

hahahaha very funny , nice bhaji recipe

Suganya said...

VangiBath looks so good. Nice try. YUM...

bee said...

i've eaten this at a gujarati restaurant and loved it. thanks for the recipes.

Unknown said...

How come u come up with these comic strips ur genius... hehehe... I am unable to think of even one.... hehehehe Ur amazing dear

That bhaji and rice both look awesome... will take ur advice and make them seperately...:)