Wednesday, January 08, 2014

my fav street food of Delhi - Bhalla Papdi Chaat

While packing for India trip last year during deepawali we had this conversation 
 Advay -" I know what you will do there at Nanis house ."
Me - "what do you mean by what I will do there."
Advay -"you will eat pani poori there."
Me awed "where at Nanis house ?"
Advay - "at the chaat shop on the road where you has last time ."
I was like what :) I mean how well he knows me :-)
Ya he is just like me even he loves to gorge chaat like anything so sometimes I prepare chaat for him just  to change his taste 
,one of the most common  chaat variety of Delhi is Bhalla papdi chaat ,very easy to assemble if you have all the ingredients
Recipe name Bhalla Papdi Chaat
Bhalla / dahi wada soaked in curd five pieces 
Papdi eigth to ten 
Boiled peeled cubed potato one 
Green chutney /dhania chutney one tbsp
Meethi chutney/ imli chutney one tbsp
Salt as per taste
Chaat masala one tsp
Black salt as per taste
Red chili pinch
cumin powder one tsp
Beaten curd four tbsp
Pomegranate seeds one tbsp
Sev handful
How to assemble
In a plate place the base layer papdi,cubed potato and Bhalla
Top it with baten curd followed by the chutneys
Sprinkle all the powdered masalas followed by sev and pomegranate seed
Indulge without wasting a second,..:)
thats Advay devouring Meetha Pani Poori at my favorite chaat shop in Delhi Prince Chaat Shop 

at GK m block market New Delhi.
Sharing some pics of the same place ,

ya guys this time  I managed to eat my favorite chaat Palak Papdi Chaat there and ya I was satiated :-)
thats all for now guys 
wish you all happy week ahead:-)
take care and happy blogging,...


Lakshmi said...

Priyanka, all the pictures look awesome!! I am hungry now... Bhalla papdi chaat is yummy!

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

looks so yum! And see to assemble agree! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

you make me miss Dilli ki Chaat. More like Noida ka Chaat. Thanks for dropping by. Going through your posts and I marvel at all the 10,000 things you manage to do!! Well done.

pallavi said...

omg palak papri chaat looks so amazing. i have never tried it too :( now m waiting fr my next gk trip yayyy

Vysyas recipes said...

nice pictures. i love to eat north indian snacks.