Thursday, January 01, 2015

Open Letter for Advay

Dear Advay ,

Today is the first day of the year 2015,today when you got up you were upset you went out of the room and sat alone ,your face was red and you looked upset we couldn't get it why you were upset then you started crying on asking you said because of us you are upset. Finally I got up and somehow tried to ask you what we had done then you said since morning you both have been getting new year wishes and no one wished me. When I heard this I was shocked you didn't know that both of your grandmother had asked for you when I was speaking to them but I thought maybe you won't talk to them .I thought you won't be affected by this just like previous years but this year you were I know you are sensitive and emotional but what happened today changed my view about you too, you are no longer baby you are grown up 7 yr old child who has started feeling bad about things like this .YOU were happy once you spoke to them and wished them .You continue to amaze me everyday this post is just to record something which amazed me a lot .I know you think a lot ,like to keep yourself busy and are sensitive over things just like me .Thanks for making us realise our mistake that we should stop treating you like a baby .Wish you lots of love ,luck and happiness for the year 2015

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Bicas said...

Advay is growing and seems that he is a sensitive person and also a thinker. They (our kids)are always "showing" us important life messages.
Happy New Year Advay and family!!!