Monday, May 19, 2008


it really feels nice to be back after 10 days..with three awards...thanks friends for thinking of me even when i was hibernating...

thanks swati for the " you make my day award"


,..i really don't know whether I
deserve this award or not but it really made my day when i was busy mopping and all,
really cheered me up,..and the green patch is still there as u can see in the pic ...thanks friends for visiting my blog and for the valuable comments about how to wash off the colour

pass this award to

lakshmi of tasteofmysore
arundhati of myfoodblog
prajusha of icookipost
and siri of siri corner

thanks for the "yummy blog" award.
really feel happy and on top of the world to get this award,..

As per the rules I have to "list four of my favorite desserts that I have prepared or eaten and pass the award to four of my fellow bloggers".

talmakhane ka kheer

i pass the yummy blog to singapore bloggers,..friends..i keep visiting ur blogs regularly,..and your blogs are really yummy...


priya of indianhut
rashmi of delhibelle
sweety of mykitchen
illatharasi of illatharasi
enjoy the award gurls,...

thanks lakshmi for the " rocker girl " award

lakshmi,..i still remember the day u first visited my blog through orkut,..two months back,,.i had just started blogging and was fully dazed when i saw other food bloggers blog,..i have reached this stage caUSE OFYOU,..THANKS FOR TEACHING ME ALL ABOUT BLOGGING ,.SO PATIENTLY...IN OTHER WORDS MY BLOG ROCKS CAUSE OF U,,:-)

pass this award to


swati of chatkhor
divya vikram of dilse
purnima of fantasycooking
cham of spiceclub

While i was not blogging...apart from mopping i was busy with these things,...which kept me cool..and entertained...and kept my mind busy which keeps on wandering to unwanted places
and ya i am aware of the SWC Gujarat event...of which i am guest host for this first entry for swc Gujarat is assondi,..the recipe for which goes like this



prepared assoondi for the first time,..and really liked it..the addition of sunflower seeds enhanced the taste.,,good to drink in hot summer days..when you are back from shopping...
missed a lot since past few days,..missed recipe marathon..siri will take part in the next recipe marathon,,,thanks again friends for the awards...


Lakshmi said...

Asoondi looks very tempting yaar! Will make it, need it for Singapore's weather now. I am flattered with your praises for me..blush blush! Thanks for the award. And yes!you deserve the award.

Siri said...

thanks notyet (I am so sorry, I donno ur real name!)..for the award! U indeed made my day! Oh ya, I remember the green color spilled all over by ur kiddo.. I hope everything is alrite cum back gurl! take care and cya !


Siri said...

Oh ya, I forgot to mention about ur query - U are most welcome to join the next Recipe Marathon notyet100. Will let you know when it happens.


delhibelle said...

so sweet of you. Thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me ! As this is my first award ever, don't quite know how to take it forward, but will try and figure out soon. It brightened my day :D

Purnima said...

Hi, NY100, congrats on ur awards! Ur tiny one is so cool, he has given a priceless shade to ur floor, that too Khel-Khel Mein! Hee..:D Tks for passing me that lovely one! Hope u succeeded in taking major of that color off..loved ur work on tee's, monicas yellow has got me hooked!! Tks for sharing! Asoondhi (first time on this name!-thought its basoondi ;D ) looks very inviting!!

Purnima said...

Priyanka, thanks yet again for the lovely award.

Swati Raman Garg said...

helllooo welcome back.. missed u ... asoondi looks very tempting...
and this new template looks good...:)
and thanks a ton for the award... dont know if iam worth it ... but thanks...

Illatharasi said...

Oh my God! I cannot believe....

Today morning, I was browsing few blogs and seen many awards like this to them. I was thinking nobody had given me anything like this. But now.......

Priyanka, thank you sssssssssssssooooooooooo much. You deserve the award, "YOU MAKE MY DAY" since, you made my day today. Thanks once again.

Anisheetu said...

Yummy Asoondi dear... and really really a big thanks for the award.... u have encouraged me to blog more and at a faster rate... let me c how fast i can be.. thanks again :D..

Haripriya Reddy said...

hey thanks dear for the that i have to maintain it by posting more n more yummy recipes. And yeah will surely do that...Thanks again :)

Ur Assondi looks yummy yaar...will try it over the weekend.

Swati Raman Garg said...

hey u shud have told me earlier.. i have just put this msg on my post .. waise iam not d rite person as i dont have much traffic.. but still tried to do my bit

Cham said...

wow the assondi looks very tasty. welcome back, after mopping.... Congrats on ur award and thanks to passing it..

Arundathi said...

WOW - thanks so so much for the award!! that was really nice of you!! how did the painting fiasco turn out? did my method work?

Your blog rocks!

Unknown said...

dear notyet100 I am utterly confused.. where shud i send u the entry for the SWC-gujrat... I tried searching ur site for the logo or any other information as i got to know that ur hosting it. Can u give me the email address where i can mail u and other details please?....or u can just send me the link to the post.. Iam sorry if iam troubling u...:) thank u