Monday, May 05, 2008

Garam masala - Kashmiri style

while reading book " A TASTE OF KASHMIR " BY GEETA SAMTANI i read the recipe of kashmiri garam masala which i prepared as i needed the masala for murgh khubani, goes the recipe , notice the difference when added to the recipe

to make 250gm


30gm black cumin seeds
125gm brown cardamom pods
30gm whole blackpeppercorns
30gm cinnamomsticks
30gm wholecloves
12 blades mace
2 whole nutmeg


dry roast all the spices,except the nutmeg,in a heavy based pan on a very low heat until a stron aroma is released,allow to cool


grind all the roasted spices together in a coffee grinder
grate the nutmeg and add to the mixture


store in airtight container


Rajitha said...

got to try this masala next time...

notyet100 said...

u wll like it,.