Monday, May 05, 2008

first experience of mussel,..nd goan style mussel pulao

what a experience to remember,..i had mussel pasta few days back,,really liked the mussel when i went for grocery shopping with my son i saw green mussels,..couldnt stop myself from buying,..back home i googled for recipes...and got the goan mussel pulao,..easy to make,..i thought of preparing goan mussel pulao for dinner,..but ididnt had any idea how to clean ,whether to cook after opening the shell,..or cook with shell,..i had asked the guy at the shop way to clean mussel and he told me to keep in salt water before cooking,,i had kept for half an hour, but still was closed..hubby was on night call, called him up and asked him,,,he told me to slit open the mussel with knife,,i tried but it was to hard to open,.then i googled ways to open mussel,,and i got this it was written that i can cook without opening the shell,,and on cooking the shell will open on its own, was like taking bigtime risk,,i thought if the shell dont open i will just eat the rice,..i had to take risk,,,so i followed,,,which goes like this

mussel one cup ( i used four)
rice two cups( i used one bowl of cooked rice,,as i already had leftover cooked rice
one onion chopped
one toamto chopped
one tablespoon oil



green cardamom 4
clove 4
cinnamon stick one inch
red chilli 4
salt to taste
turmeric powder a pinch


heat oil in wok
add cardamom,clove,cinnamon and redchilli


now add chopped onion followed by toamtoes
add the turmeric and salt..and keepfrying till tomatoes lose their shape
now add mussels


voila as soon as i added mussels they started popping up,,i sighed..i was pretty tensed,,

after two minutes add rice


half bowl of water

cover and cook
mussel pulao is ready to eat,..



Illatharasi said...

I never tried it, but good to see indianised recipes of it.

Thanks for tagging my blog, but cannot see where you have added. Can u gimme the link?

pallavi said...

m 2 heard abt it fr the frst time.. m very serious about the dhaba/hom caerin biz :)

notyet100 said...

illa..have tagged u in my meme..godirectly to mymeme lable..
pallavi thanks for the suggeston