Sunday, May 04, 2008

Kitchen experiment with kidney bean and apricot, on to knw more

usually i prepare rajma in the traditional way,..and the traditional way was taught to me by my hubby..when i got married and came here in Singapore,..i hardly knew anything,..imagine someone who has just used kitchen to take dishes,...arrange table for dinner,..once in a while cut salad,..and on being scolded by my knead the dough which always used to turn wet,..
but my hubby is really patient..i used to burn rotis,..or the rotis used to turn like papad,had to check the water level for rice in cooker,.even the basic things were new for me,...but now after two years of regular cooking..i have become so perfect that apart from cooking the traditional recipes,..which my mother used to cook,,or which my hubby told,,i have started creating my own recipes,..rajma which i prepared this sunday was prepared with apricots and fresh cream,,,my friend was there for lunch,,..and as i had already soaked rajma ,,,i had to prepare rajma,..i saw apricots pack in my refrigerator,..and after much thinking tried to experiment,..imagine my guts,,guest at home,,and trying new recipe....other wise always my hubby is the tester ,..

here goes the recipe


two cup boiled red beans,..
onion chopped two
tomato one chopped
garlic six chopped
green chilli three chopped



mixture of all the masalas,..redchilli powder,turmeric,coriander and garammasala
apricots 4-6 soaked in water for an hour and then chopped
fresh cream( i usually use fresh cream by fresh cream i mean cream which you get on boiling fresh milk)
oil to cook two tablespoon
cumin seeds one teaspoon
salt to taste


heat oil in wok
add cumin seeds once they start spluttering


add garlic,green chilli and onions..
fry till the onions are tender ,,now add tomatoes...and once the tomatoes are done
add all the masalas and salt...


add the chopped apricots and fry further ,..
now add the boiled beans,..fry further for few minutes..



on the another burner boil half cup milk and let it cool down to get the cream

now transfer the wok content to pressure cooker, add water,..and pressure cook it for 7 to 8 whistles

the more whistles ..the more dried rajma will be ,..



now once done transfer in serving dish and garnish with fresh cream
we had with plain rice,..and were so tempted to relish the taste that forgot about salad,..taste was ,..really good,..slightly sweet but very different...


earlier i used to ask my mom for recipes,..i still do ,..but now even she has started asking me recipes..yesterday she prepared bati,chokha ...she asked me recipe of rajasthani dal..:-)...which i dictated her through skype,..and ya one thing more...though i was not blogging actively since past few days,,.i was still reading other bloggers post...and posting, i am back into active blogging...:-)


Unknown said...

nice recipe for rajma...

SpicyTasty said...

Love rajma in any form and this is really a simple delicious recipe.

SMN said...

nice recipe//

TBC said...

Love rajma along with kadhi. The addition of apricots is interesting. Does it make much of a difference to the taste?