Saturday, January 31, 2015

Its oky to dip paratha in curry -letter 8 for Advay

Dear Advay ,
Today when you were back from school you told me that you had not finished your meal on asking you told me that you felt sick while eating paratha with chickpea curry.I was speechless for a sec because yesterday you had the same chickpea curry for dinner .I had the same curry for lunch and it was perfect for me .So why this excuse .I met your classmates mom when I had gone to fetch you when I discussed this with her she told me its the same with her daughter .It seems you and your friends feel conscious to eat Indian food in school because other students get sandwich ,cookies or cake.In Singapore you used to take Indian food and I never heard that you felt sick while eating the same.Here when we go out you always want to to Indian Restaurent to eat and there you truly enjoy the food even at home too you will be licking your fingers and eating .I don.t blame you for what happened today maybe you felt ashamed tearing the paratha to dip in the curry while others happily munched their sandwich or cookie.I just want to tell you that you should never be ashamed about the way we eat or our food because that's our culture that's how we have grown up eating with our hands when it comes to Indian Food specially chapathi.I wont feel satiated unless I break the chapahi and dip it into the curry and eat.Maybe one day you will understand what I am trying to tell you and ya thanks for letting me know that you feel conscious while eating Indian food in school.Its a big fight for you .I do understand that,..
More later
With lots of love
P.S.- next post I will be sharing the recipe for the curry chicken which you really liked for now just sharing the pic


Su said...

Awwww... I feel sad for both you and Advay. I think all children go through a self-conscious phase with lunchbox and it's very natural to face this in a new environment. Please don't feel bad - just let him eat usual typical kids food at school for a few days till he adjusts and then I am sure he will be demanding the yummy homemade Indian food and all his classmates will request him to bring those too!

pallavi said...

I agree with sumana babes. Just give him rolls and sandwiches and fruits or other such stuff. kids his age are very sensitive and i am happy that he has adjusted so well there. Don't get disheartened dear its just a phase

Unknown said...

I totally feel your thoughts. My daughter went through this in 3rd grade. It lasted all through elementary school. Then in middle school, when classes got remixed, and she no longer had the same “friends” as before, she started getting more adventurous. We now do a mix of Indian and non-Indian. I also reinvented a lot of our food to meet her fears. For examples, she would have no problems if I wrapped up red beans in a paratha and called it a burrito, or if I made a quesadilla out of chickpeas or other curries.

Lakshmi said...

Oh not to worry Advay. Indian food is getting modernised. Now we can have chickpea paratha roll too and mummy can make it. Agree mummy?