Sunday, January 04, 2015


Dear Advay,                                                                                                       17/12/14
Yesterday I was really happy ,had long day at disposal so planned lot to do but when I reached home after dropping you at school and read the news I was shattered ,here I had been cribbing with your papa  that you can go alone to school you are  big enough  but what happened yesterday changed me . I don't think twice about dropping and picking you even the taught that you can go alone to school scares me now ,my hearts goes out to all those parents who lost their children God please give them strength .Ya Advay this incident touched my soul and changed me showed me how wrong I was and how right your father was .Now you won't hear muumy giving justification that you can travel alone in the public bus .Yes Advay  your mother changed after the 16th December Peshawar attack.
Please forgive your mother, you are too precious for me .
With lots of love
p.s. had written this post on 17th December but couldn't publish it  

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pallavi said...

I think all the moms got a reality cgeck after thus day. Never ever to take yr precious baby's safety for granted. 😶