Tuesday, March 11, 2008

sattu ka parantha......rural food of northern india

well i know most of u all dont know whta sattu ka parantha is ....well sattu is the powder which u get when u grind the bhuna hua chana,..angrezi mai roasted gram flour.... its available in the market ....as sattu flour or atta ....u can enjoy the parantha with pickel ,...specially red chilli...


i am sending this parantha for the roti mela hosted by srivalli of cooking for all seasons

ingredients for two people

-sattu flour one cup

-kneaded dough for the parantha according to your need ,,,u can vary the quantity....dough should not be soft ...it should be hard for the parantha,,,u can sprinkle some oil to make the consistency according to your need

to make the mixture for the filling of the paratha-..u need these things-

onion chopped one
garlic chopped three cloves
green chilli three chopped
salt to taste
red chilli powder one teaspoon
astafoetida pinch
ajwain sorry dont knw the english term ,,pinch of
to enhance the taste i add red chilli pickelPhotobucket

well mix the aboove mentione things to the sattu and the mixture is ready....u can add few drops of water to soften the mixture,

now just fill the mixture in the already kneaded dough by making small round 2inch diameter and giving depression

fill the sattu ,seal from all sides

make parantha with help of rolling pin

now on a preheated tava roast till brown from both sides
keep applying ghee


and enjoy hot parantha with pickle and tea,,,,make it thick it tastes better,,,,


shilpa said...

lovely recipe.. where can I find sattu powder in US?
my email address is shillu13 at gmail dot com. I used to eat this growing up and now miss it.

Asia said...

it's delicious! i didn't add asafoetida nor ajwain (but added the pickle) - but even like this it tasted really great!