Friday, May 02, 2008

Kashmiri roghni roti

yesterday night when i prepared pindi chola,,,instead of preparing bhatura i prepared roghni roti,,its type of kashmiri roti,,,

i am sending this recipe for roti mela hosted by srivalli


ingredients for 10 rotis


depending on your need mixture of maida and wheat flour( i used two cups )
warm milk to knead the dough
butter two tablespoon
saffron strands dissolved in one tablespoon of milk
oil to fry


mix together milk,butter,salt and both the flour
knead soft dough
keep for thirty minutes



heat oil in wok

when the oil is hot lower the burner

roll out round roti shape with help of rolling pin


brush on both sides with the keasr milk
slide in the wok


keep turning till it turns brown from both side



enjoy hot with any curry

we had with pindi chola and the combi tasted great



ANJALI J. said...

Roghni Roti, thats new for me.. it looks delicious.

Medhaa said...

TThis is new to me too, looks good should try this. Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

nice recipe..loks great

Vani said...

Roghni roti sounds delicious with the saffron milk! Nice detailed pictures too.

Uma said...

nice entry. looks great.

Unknown said...

roti looks too good.... have tagged u.... check my blog...:) i hope u do ur MEME... would love to know more about u :)

Pravs said...

a new recipe for roti to try for me. Looks yummy with chole

Srivalli said...

Lovely..thank you!

Unknown said...

something new...will make this sometime...

jayasree said...

This is new to me. Has a very appealing color.

EC said...

Never heard of this...kesar milk should have made the roti more tasty..thanks for sharing

Asha said...

That is a beautiful enry girl, looks yum!:))

pallavi said...

hey this luks yum and also easy .. wil try it soon..

notyet100 said...

thnks anjali,medhaa,divya,vani,uma,shubha,pravs,srivalli,sowmya,jaysree,ec,asha nd pallavi,..for the appreciation,..