Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Chatpta kathal ka achar khichdi ke sath,..and ya i need ur help,..;-)

I have already blogged about Khichdi being our regular saturday meal but on Monday i just felt like having this comfort food,forgot to add turmeric thats why u see pale white colour but taste wise it was perfect and together with plain curd,grilled tomato chutney,kathal achar and sago papad the whole platter was yummy,i guess sometimes HAPPINESS IS EATING WHAT U LIKE and thats how i felt Happy and satisfied.:-)
Recipe of Khichdi is blogged here
Recipe of Grilled tomato chutney is blogged here
Kathal Aachar is home made prepared by my mom
ingredient needed for Jackfruit Pickle
Raw jackfruit one kg chopped
mustard oil
salt as per taste
for masala
50gm each of coriander seed ,cumin seed,fennel seed,carom seednigella seed and mustard seed
one tbsp fenugreek seeds
turmric powder one tsp
red chilli powder one tsp
asafoetida half tsp
dry fry on slow heat coriander,cumin,fennel,carom ,nigella and fenugreek seeds
to the fried masala add mustard seed,asafoetida,red chilli powder and turmeric powder
run through the blender
pickle masala is ready
heat water in wok,once wate starts boiling add chooped jackfruit for two minutes ,drain and keep aside.
spread the drained jackfruit on a plastic sheet and let it dry in sun
in a dry and sterile preferably glass jar add the sun dried jackfruit followed by prepared masala
add required amount of salt and stir well
add mustard oil in the jar and shake well
cover and keep.
Pickle is ready to use,..enjoy with paratha,khichdi or whatever u like,..:-)
Yummy Jackfruit pickle is on the way to Lakshmis hub where she is on with AFAM JACKFRUIT event started by Maheswari and hosted by her this month .
Tomato chutney
is off for Sanghis event Fall in Love with tomato ,i prepared tomato chutney as the chutney add extra flavour to the plain khichdi and moreover i luv this chutney specially with parathas its mine all time favourite.
Easy Craft is on with WYF Cuisine and i am sending this yummy platter of
Khichdi ,grilled tomato chutney and kathal pickle to her event,this thali is typical uttar pradesh thali so my entry is under uttar pradesh cuisine,..
Khichdi is off for Lentil mela hosted by Ashwini of Spicy cuisine.
Kathal pickle is also off for lakshmis SWC food on wheel event, kathal pickle goes well with plain poori and parathas.
Cee u all soon frens and ya before i forget i need small help from u,Advays is participating in fancy dress competition in his school,ya i know he is too small :-),its annual day celebration in his play school on 7th march,i am still thinking what to dress him as,..please help me decide ,hows mowgli thats all i can think specially cause of his long hair,.;-)chalo tk cre,.keep bloggin,..:-)


Unknown said...

areee wha kay bath hi so so so mouthwatering kathal ka achar hummmm new to me yaar will try sure

Asha said...

Kathal achar! SO YUM!! Never thought of that before, looks yummy!:)

Lakshmi said...

Kathal achar is something new to me Priyanka. Thali looks delicious. Khichdi on satudays reminds me of hostel days :)

Sanghi said...

Delicious chutney, makes me hungry.. Thanks for participating in my FIL event. Expecting more delicious tomato delights from you :)

Indian Khana said...

Here you go with one more....kathal ka achar is one of the regular at our place too....but long since I had it...hey can yo get the mirchi ka char recipe frm you mom too ;)....if it gets prepared at your place?...(badi lal mirchi)...

Finla said...

It i had that plate i would be also very happy and fully satisfied.

Unknown said...

Kathal achaar is mouthwatering..Will give it a try for sure..Mowgli is a nice option for your son's fancy dress competetion..Will get back to you if something else hits my mind :)

Cham said...

Oh Jackf achar, sounds cool ur idea :) Looks like a comfort food ur whole plate!

Lavanya said...

first time here..n you have nice collection of recipes!!

Unknown said...

Wow.. i like achar.. looks nice..

Manju said...

ohh..can i come for a saturday lunch pls.. achar with jackfruit..wow!! that must be one delicious achar!! :)

Madhavi said...

Kathal aachar hummm new for me, look good and will try soon!!!

Illatharasi said...

Whole platter looks awesome.... too yummy:)

I am imagining Advay as mogli;) too cute... becos of his long hair you can also try Krishna.... he will look cute in that attire...:) Whatever you dress him, send me the pictures :)

vandana rajesh said...

A delicious lunch spread. looks gr8

Sharmila said...

I have been wanting to make kathal ka achar .. good you posted the recipe ... now I won't have to go searching on the net. Thanks for this Priyanka! :-)

lubnakarim06 said...

Wow drool worthy platter. Making me hungry dear. Love the grilled tomato chutney....Sounds spicy and yum. Kathal ka achar completely new to me. Hmmmm will msg u if hit with any fancy dress idea.

A_and_N said...

Kathal ka achaar? Wow! thats totally new to me. And here is a suggestion.....long locks=any Hindu god! How about Lord Shiva?

Priya Suresh said...

Wow delicious platter, jackfruit achar really new for me , also very interesting, oh gal dunno how u r always comingup with delicious treats even with busy schedule...Great work!!

jayasree said...

jackfruit achar is new to me. Never knew you cld make achar out of it. The whole platter looks yummy.

Deepthi Shankar said...

wow what a lovely pickle .. Mowgli would be a cool idea Priyanka

Anonymous said...

Wow....your thali looks so good! The achar is something new....looks superb!

Swapna said...

Looks yummy :)

Sanghi said...

Hey dear.. Do collect ur awards from my blog :)

Purnima said...

Everything on the platter so scrumptious! Wow..hv to visit ur previous posts too..)
(Advay ko aap- Lord Krishna bana sakte ho..compliments the long hair..wt bansari n one dialogue or a musician ..u need to chk out who's famous wt long hair n a dialogue to go..I m so n so..I make India Proud..may be Rahman??!:D)

Sukanya Yogesh said...

Kathal ka achaar sounds yum...nowadays u r coming up with a lot of achaar...is there good news or what? The thali makes me feel so nostalgic.

Sia said...

jackfruit pickle? now that's got to be one of the most innovative cooking. wish i could taste some!

Suganya said...

Sounds so mouthwatering. Nice recipe. YUM!

Savi-Ruchi said...

jackfruit pickle??
very innovative.., needs to be tried at the earliest :)

Rajee said...

Love this homly meals.