Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Phalahar platter- Buckwheat Paratha with fried potato and Pearl Sago pudding

Tomorrow is Ram Navami
i have fond memories of this day
which i will cherish forever
today being  Chaitra Ashtami
prepared this simple platter of

phalahar potato and  buckwheat paratha
Recipe name buckwheat paratha/kuttu paratha/phalahar paratha
buckwheat flour one cup
potato boiled ,peeled and mashed one
rock salt as per taste
water to knead the dough
In a mixing bowl mix everything together to smooth dough
divide the dough into equal sized discs
keep the disc in between plastic sheet
and roll out with help of rolling pin.
keep tava on burner,lower the flame and
coo on medium heat till done from both sides.
serve warm with phalahar alloo and curd.
Sago Kheer/Pearl Sago Pudding

pearl sago half cup soaked for 10 mins and drained
water half cup
milk one and a half cup
sugar half cup( or as per taste)
saffron strands pinch
green cardamom crushed one
chopped nuts - almond,cashew,pistachio and chironji two tbsp
Cook pearl sago in water for five minutes
add milk and keep stirring
once the milk starts boiling add sugar,chopped nuts
saffron strands and crushed cardamom.
keep stirring till the sago pearls get cooked
serve chilled .
thats all friends,wish you all happy week ahead
take care and happy blogging.
Wish all the readers of Asan Khana - Happy Ram Navami.


Reshmi Mahesh said...


Priya Suresh said...

Both dishes looks superb,healthy paratha and inviting pudding...

Swathi said...

Delicious meals, love everything in there.

Suma Gandlur said...

That's an inviting phalahar platter.

R said...

happy ramanavami to u too! what a delicious platter.

Unknown said...

I love Buckwheat but have never made parathas with it. the plate looks absolutely healthy and tasty:)

Cham said...

Buckwheat parathas sounds healthy! And the sago pudding for prasadam is divine!

Indian Khana said...

Yum ...Wish you Happy Festive

Nandinis food said...

Very nutritious meal! The pudding especially looks great!

Unknown said...

what a delicious platter....healthy paratha n delicious pudding dear !


divya said...

Wow it looks sooo tempting .. feel like having it right now :)